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CounterdrugPrior to filling out the support request form, we encourage you to call our office to discuss the nature of your mission and the type of support you may require. Please call (208) 272-4140 and speak to a task force member to discuss your mission.

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Instructions For Submitting Requests for Counterdrug Support:

Download the “SUPPORT REQUEST FORM” using the link below.

Follow the instructions attached to the form and populate the form with as much accurate/detailed information as possible.

Ensure the support request form is digitally signed by an official at the agency responsible for counter-narcotic efforts.

*If you are requesting support for more than 30 consecutive days, a signed “MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING” from the head of your agency is required.

counterdrugE-mail the completed documents to the Counterdrug Operations section mailbox:

IDCDSP Support Form



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