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Enhancing Idaho’s public health, safety, and welfare by assisting emergency communications and response professionals in the establishment, management, operations, and accountability of consolidated emergency communications systems.

Photos from the Idaho Mobile Communications Vehicle (MCV) Rally and Communications Exercise (COMMEX)

Satellite Cell-On-Light-Truck (COLT)
Storm Clouds forming over the Sprint Emergency Response Team (ERT) Satellite Cell-On-Light-Truck (COLT) at the Idaho MCV Rally and COMMEX

Idaho State Police Interview
Captain Kevin Haight with the Idaho State Police delivers an interview with Marissa Morrison from KIVI-TV on the importance of the Idaho MCV Rally and COMMEX.

Performing Radio Operations
Ross Merlin, Shared Resources (SHARES) Program manager for DHS-NCC, performs radio operations of the IMD-PSC Portable HF Radio on the SHARES National Radio Net at the Idaho MCV Rally and COMMEX.

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