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State Distributed Learning Program (DLP)

About:Idaho Distributed Learning Program (DLP) provides a delivery of standardized training to units, Soldiers/Airmen, leaders, and Civilians using multiple means and technology to support the 3 training domains: institutional, operational, and self-development through:

  • Synchronous (video tele training, virtual environment)
  • Asynchronous (e-mail, recorded video, online discussions, CD-ROM course, CBTs, correspondence courses)
  • Blended student-instructor interactions

Mission: Be the one-stop training solution for the Total Force, focusing on Guard-specific needs, with the emphasis on preparing service members and government agencies to meet functional and readiness requirements and professional military career development through the multiple distributed learning methods and technologies. This is achieved by offering flexible, online or remote delivery of training resources and coursework via fixed classroom and/or mobile/digital training that will increase readiness, improve quality of life, and reduce training costs.

Vision: Deliver customer-focused, collaborative and self-paced learning environment that benefits the Joint, Inter-agency, Inter-government, and Community (JIIC) to combat readiness and domestic emergency responses. The IDARNG believes the key to success is to balance stakeholders’ interest though training beyond traditional classroom settings and breaking old training paradigms to gain critical training anytime, anywhere throughout the State of Idaho.

Core Values: Collaboration, Innovation, Flexibility, Resourceful, Community-Centered, Economical

Location and Capabilities:

  • 2-mobile classrooms
    • 20 laptops each classroom
    • Optional fixed classroom at building 813
  • 1-fixed classroom located in Gowen Field. Boise, ID, Bldg 440, rm 277
    • 36 computers
    • Blue Ray DVD
    • Polycom Video/Tele Conference capabilities
    • Printer/Scanner
    • Handicap-accessible

Availability and Reservations:

DPL Classroom Flyer


John Waits, 1LT – State DLP Administrator
(208) 272-3721

Ryan DeJean, Sgt – State Assistant DLP
(208) 272-3993

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