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Counterdrug Support Program

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What is the IDAHO Counterdrug Program?
Created by Congress in 1989, the National Guard Counterdrug Program provides law enforcement narcotics support and is executed by the Governor.

CounterdrugThe Idaho Counterdrug Program supports the strategic goals of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The Idaho National Guard Joint Counterdrug Task Force provides professional support to multi-jurisdictional, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations in the state of Idaho. All support is conducted in accordance with the Idaho Adjutant General’s vision, and the National Guard Bureau policies and Executive Orders. The Idaho Joint Counterdrug Task Force is a “World Class” organization that plays a vital role in the war on drugs. The Idaho joint Counterdrug Task Force accomplishes the mission and takes care of its people.

Our Mission
The Idaho National Guard Joint Counterdrug Task Force detects, interdicts, and disrupts drug smuggling and associated illicit activities at the request of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies by leveraging unique military skills and assets in order to support national counterdrug strategies and objectives, as well as the National Guard State Interdiction and Counterdrug Activities Plan for the State of Idaho.

Protecting Our Community
CounterdrugAlthough the Counterdrug Program is federally funded, the Soldiers and Airmen within the program are all National Guardsmen under the control of Idaho . As Guardsmen, we are “Citizen Soldiers;” your fellow neighbors. The talented Soldiers and Airmen who live among various communities throughout the state want the same thing you do…a safer community. Our personnel are experts in reconnaissance and long-range observation, analytical support to law enforcement investigations, aviation, administering training, and drug demand reduction outreach support throughout the state. We are passionate about using our unique military skills to help support our local communities with law enforcement drug interdiction and provide direct law enforcement narcotics support.

As the nexus between drugs and terrorism evolves, we will continue to provide persistent and deliberate support to police and sheriff departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and any other law enforcement agency in order to stop those who prey on our communities with illicit drug activities. Regardless of the size of the agency and mission, our goal is to support those who protect the peace and tranquility of our communities.

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IDCDSP Support Form

Linguist / Transcription Services- Post-collection transcription and translation of Law Enforcement Agency evidence by military qualified

Investigative Case and Analysis Support- Military unique analytic skills to process, categorize and evaluate Law Enforcement Agency investigative information.

Communications Support – Establish command and control communications and computer networks to improve integration of Law Enforcement Agency and National Guard activities.

Transportation- Ground and airlift support of controlled deliveries and tactical logistics.
Training- Provide training in militarily unique capabilities and skills not readily available outside DoD to federal, state, local and tribal LEA, C80 and military personnel.

Reconnaissance – Obtain information about activities and resources of Law Enforcement Agency developed targets, or secure data concerning characteristics of a particular area.

Observation- Observation of Law Enforcement Agency developed targets that may include suspicious buildings, vehicles, vessels, or persons in the U.S. and to provide precise and continuous coordinates to law enforcement agents.

Drug Demand Reduction Outreach-Assistance in the strengthening of Community coalitions by providing leadership planning, military decision-making process, cross organization coordination, etc.

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