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What is STARBASE Idaho?

  • DoD STARBASE is a 27 year old program we are introducing to Idaho, led by Director Jim Heuring. The DoD STARBASE Idaho program is sponsored and supported by the Idaho National Guard and funded by the Department of Defense.
  • DoD STARBASE is an innovative hands-on, minds-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) outreach program for 5th grade students from Title 1 funded schools.
  • DoD STARBASE uses an inquiry based curriculum in 6 core areas: physics and chemistry, energy, technology, engineering, math operations and applications, and STEM careers.
  • DoD STARBASE students will learn Newton’s laws of motion, Bernoulli’s principle, robotics, computer designing, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, navigation and mapping.
  • DoD STARBASE coordinates with local school districts to provide hands-on instruction and activities that meet or exceed National Standards, with priority to Title 1 schools and students that are historically under-represented in STEM.

Where is STARBASE Idaho?

  • DoD STARBASE is currently located in 35 States, at 65 military facilities.
  • DoD STARBASE Idaho is located at Gowen Field, where initial start up occurred in Sept 2017.
  • DoD STARBASE Idaho began instruction on 24 April 2018, with 1 class per day/4 days per week, and now serves 2 classes per day/4 days per week.
  • DoD STARBASE Idaho can positively impact approximately 1400 fifth grade students with 25 hours of STEM instruction and activities each year.

Why is STARBASE Idaho so important?

  • Idaho is the 4th highest state in terms of wage differential, with an average annual wage of $39,068 compared to average technical sector wage of $83,418 (CompTIA, Cyberstates 2017).
  • Idaho is a fast growing state in terms of technology; STARBASE Idaho will increase the number of capable employees for a sustainable workforce and economy to keep Idaho growing with technological industries.
  • During this decade, employment in science and engineering occupations in the United States is expected to increase at almost four times the rate for all occupations.
  • The rapid pace of technological change, and globalization of the economy, simply demands that our workforce be literate in science and math.
  • An over-reliance on the math and science talent of foreign students represents a major potential weakness in the future competitiveness and vitality of the U.S. economy and workforce.

How often do students attend?
One day per week for five consecutive weeks, fifth grade students will travel to Gowen Field to study and learn in a varied and exciting environment, exploring the STEM sciences in ways not typically found in the traditional school setting.

What do Students learn at DoD STARBASE Idaho?
The curriculum consists of six core content areas established by the Department of Defense with classroom instruction in physics & chemistry, energy, technology, engineering, mathematics, and STEM careers.
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