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Railhead: Four rail spurs. Each spur holds 29 – 60ft cars or 26 -68ft cars, or 20 – 89ft cars. Three spurs for vehicle loading, 1 spur for vehicle and/or container loading, and ramp for off-loading 2-tiered railcars. Rail operation area has visual oversite with lighting and camera capabilities, connex off-loading and staging area, weigh station scales (capable of weighing a fully loaded HET). Three marshaling compounds (250,000 SQFT each).

Covered Fuel: 6,000 SQFT covered concrete fuel facility is located at the railhead, is fully fenced and features four open bays designed for HEMTTs.

Company Issue Compounds: Three Company compounds fully fenced with two maintenance bays and office and latrine area.

Battalion Issue Compounds: Eight fully fenced Battalion size compounds (no additional infrastructure).

Class IV Compound: 90k SQFT Fully fenced compound.

Wash Rack: Three levels of operation.
Level 1: Birdbath Only
Level 2: Hose Only/Wash Stations (10 Stations with 20 overhead hoses)
Level 3: Full Operations (Birdbath, Cannons, Wash Stations) 12 Cannons, 20 Overhead hoses

Fuel Point: Bulk fuel (F24) has 180k capacity and retail MOGAS has 8k capacity. Five bulk fuel stations, four retail fuel stations, and two MOGAS retail fuel station.

Bulk Water: Potable water is available at the Wash Rack, the Sutler Store (across from ORTC main gate), the Snake River facility, and TTB Brumpton.

RSOI Building: This 60,000 SQFT general purpose building has a 299 Soldier capacity, is climate controlled, and has audio/video equipment installed.

Troop Medical Building: Located across from the ORTC compound the troop medical building is a 5,400 SQFT facility including two common rooms, an exam room, and a lockable refrigerator for perishable meds.

Shower Point: Located across from the ORTC main gate this facility includes male and female showers.
Male section includes: 17x showers, latrine area, and changing area. Female section includes: 7x showers, latrine area, and changing area.

USPFO Contracting: Contracting support is available through Idaho USPFO. Local vendors already established. Fill out the OCTC Contracting Requirements Package for CL I, porta-potties, cold storage refers, ice, light sets, and material handling equipment.

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