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Legal Assistance

*To schedule a legal assistance appointment, please call or email the Office of the General Counsel.  Prior to your appointment, please download and complete the Intake Form and either email it in before your appointment or bring it with you when you meet with a legal assistance attorney.*

The Idaho National Guard provides legal assistance to current Service Members, Retirees, and their Family members through judge advocates serving in the Idaho Air and Army National Guard.  This legal assistance is provided at no cost to qualifying individuals.  Individuals requesting legal assistance are encouraged to contact the Military Division Office of Staff Judge Advocate, Idaho Air National Guard 124th Wing Judge Advocate, and/or the Idaho Army National Guard 116th CBCT Brigade Judge Advocate.  Service members who may be facing allegations of misconduct, who are under investigation, or are facing involuntary separation, must contact Army National Guard Trial Defense Services or Air National Guard Area Defense Counsel.

  • Legal assistance may not be guaranteed due to operational requirements or professional constraints that can preclude or limit the scope of legal assistance.
  • All accepted legal assistance clients will receive attorney client privilege in accordance with Idaho State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and both Army and Air service directives pertaining to the judge advocate attorney-client confidentiality. This means that what you tell your Judge Advocate during a legal assistance consultation will remain confidential, unless you affirmatively waive that right.
  • Legal assistance is generally limited to attorney-client consultations, advising, and drafting of various legal documents, including but not limited to draft letters, wills and powers of attorney. Judge Advocates do not appear in court for legal assistance clients, nor can Judge Advocates take any affirmative action that would lead opposing parties to believe that the Judge Advocate is formally representing the legal assistance client.
  • Notarization and execution of legal documents are available through paralegal notary services.
  • While consultations can be quite broad and concern a wide variety of legal advice, a legal assistance consultation is not a substitute for an in-depth legal analysis available through private attorneys. The best advice we can give is to hire a private attorney to represent you in your pending matter. 
  • Legal assistance does not include an evaluation and/or appraisal of an individual’s property interests.
  • Legal assistance attorneys shall dictate the scope of the services and provide referrals to civilian attorneys upon request.
  • Legal assistance clients may receive template paperwork and handy info sheets from legal assistance clients, or clients may be referred to official self-help websites.

NOTICE:  ALL legal assistance clients are encouraged to seek a private attorney and ALL clients should not expect, treat or otherwise consider legal assistance to be a substitute for consulting and/or retaining a private attorney to address any pending legal matter.

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