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Visitor Control Center

gate pictureWelcome to the Gowen Field Visitor Control Center, the Gateway to the Guard! We want you to have a great and safe visit to our base. The Gowen Field Visitor Control Center is the one stop shop for base access. Gowen Field is a closed installation, which means, you have to have the three keys to base access:

    • A military sponsor
    • Proof of your identity
    • Meet the Gowen Field background requirements

If you have any questions about our requirements please contact us.

GKO CAC protected link:

Sponsorship Process

We welcome visitors to tour and experience our base! It is a simple process to sponsor visitors on base and just a few steps. Please download our Visitor Request form, Installation Access Request Form, fill out the required information and email it to: We process requests quickly, and encourage people to call, email or stop by with questions.

Save Time with DBIDS by pre-enrolling at:!/

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