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Mission Training Complex

MTC logoThe Mission Training Complex Gowen Field (MTC-GWN) supports the Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP) and Army National Guard units by enabling Commander’s to achieve mission command through developing proficient staffs and trained information systems operators.  

This is accomplished by providing Mission Command System Operator (MCS) and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) training and executing Staff (STAFFEX), Field Training (FTX), and Command Post Exercises (CPX).

MTC Leadership Teams: 

  • Senior Training Team (SST)
  • Officer Senior Trainer/ Enlisted Senior Trainer (OST/EST) 
  • Doctrinal Training Team (DTT) 
  • Simulations Support Team (SST)
  • Technical Support Team (TST) 
  • Mission Command Systems Team (MCST) 

    MTC Training

    Collective Training Events: 

  • FTX 
  • CPX 
  • Doctrinal Academics / MDMP 
  • Mission Command Systems (MCS) Operator Training 

    MTC Training


  • Staff Responsive Training Support 
  • War Fighting Function Subject Matter Experts: Maneuver, Fires, Intelligence, Protection, Sustainment, Mission Command 
  • Army Mission Command Systems: CPOF, AFATDS, JCR, JBC-P, DCGS-A, AMDWS, TAIS, GCCS-S, JDOCCS, BCCS 
  • Technical Support: DRASH\TMSS, Power Generation Distribution Autodise, CPP, CPN, STT, JNN, CCS, CPCS/MCSU 

    Contact Us:
    Commander: 208-272-3558
    XO: 208-272-3566

    4200 West Ellsworth St., BLDG 669
    Boise, Idaho 83705

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