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Community Relations Events (COMREL)

Community Relations Events inform the public about the Idaho National Guard, and help the organization maintain a viable and visible relationship with the two dozen communities throughout the state where units are located.

To request a community related event please fill out the form below, or call our office at 208-272-4142. Once we receive your request, we will be in contact with what we can approve and provide.

Tours that require a background check for 18 years or older see this form – Background Form

For Facility Usage/Rental please see the form (a charge may apply from certain facility usage) – Facility Request Form

For Rotary Wing Fly Over and Army Aircraft Static Requests – Requires prior form approval – See Form DD2535 and Example DD2535 and Idaho Air Mission Request Form
For A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft flyovers – Requires prior form approval – See Aerial Events request site and A-10 Flyover Directions

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