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204th Regional Training Institute


1-204th RTI (AR)

The 204th RTI conducts reclassification training for Soldiers in the cavalry scout (19D) and M1 armor crewman (19K) military occupational specialties as well as the Advance Leader Course for both MOSs and the commander certification courses for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tank.

The armor training battalion trains Soldiers from the Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard components. It is the only National Guard Regional Training Institute that trains both 19D and 19K Soldiers at the same location and the only training site outside of Fort Benning that provides the M1A2 commander’s certification course.

Idaho Army National Guard’s 1-204th RTI’s armor training battalion receives 100 on accreditation

Idaho Army National Guard’s 1-204th RTI qualifies eight Soldiers as M1A2 tank commanders

  • Regional Training Site-Maintenance Ordinance Training Battalion (RTS-M)

204 RTI

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