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DoD STARBASE 2.0 combines STEM activities with a relationship-rich, school-based after-school environment to provide the missing link for at-risk youth making the transition from elementary to middle and on to high school. It extends the positive impact of STARBASE through an after-school STEM mentoring approach which solidifies students’ attachment to and engagement with school.


By 2020 STARBASE 2.0:

  • Will serve 5-10 youth per year.
  • Will engage 3-4 STEM mentors per year.
  • Will have 1 participating schools.
  • Will validate results through a longitudinal study.
  • Will provide STEM mentoring for grades six through eight.

Middleton Middle Rebel Alliance 2.0 Program

Grace Jordan Jedi Knights 2.0 Program

Whitney Elementary Wookies 2.0 Program

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