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IDARNG Medical Detachment

Idaho Army National Guard Medical Detachment

The Army’s number one priority is ensuring the readiness of our forces to fight and win our nation’s wars. Readiness is the capability of our forces to conduct full range military operations and is determined by a unit’s manning, equipment and training.

Medical readiness is just one of the factors of personnel readiness, but one that Soldiers and commanders can directly influence. Read the article on medical readiness here.

Hanuman Guardian 2018
More than 150 U.S. Army and Army National Guard Soldiers participating in Hanuman Guardian 2018 alongside 350 Royal Thai Army Soldiers at the Royal Thai Army’s Cavalry Center in Thailand’s Saraburi province.

The 11-day training event began Aug. 20 and is a bilateral army-to-army exercise that strengthens capability and builds interoperability between U.S. and Royal Thai Army forces. Soldiers from both countries are training together to complete a battalion staff exercise; conduct infantry operations; and improve their skills in counter-improvised explosive devices operations, battlefield medical treatment and aviation capabilities.

Idaho Army National Guard Soldiers travel to Bangladesh

A team of seven Idaho Army National Guard Soldiers traveled to Bangladesh to support exercise Shanti Doot 4 from Feb. 24 to March 12, 2018.

During the exercise, a team of four Idaho Army National Guard medical Soldiers served as subject-matter experts in medical first responder, basic life support, and basic self-aid and lifesaving techniques.

The Idaho Army National Guard’s Medical Detachment from Boise worked with medics from the Oregon National Guard, United States Army Pacific Command and the Canadian Air Force.

Medical detachment change of command

The Medical Detachment gained a new commander.

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