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Family Readiness Group- Volunteers

About Us

Family Readiness Groups (FRG) is a unit commander’s program formed in accordance with AR 600-20 and are supported by Soldier and Family Readiness Specialists (S&FRS).

The FRG mission is:

  • To act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information
  • To provide mutual support between the command and the FRG membership
  • To advocate more efficient use of available community resources
  • To help families solve problems at the lowest level

The FRG mission is accomplished by dedicated volunteers working together to meet the needs of the program. If you are interested in volunteering to support your local FRG please contact the FRSA supporting your area.

Family Readiness Group FAQ

What is an FRG?

The Family Readiness Group is a command sponsored organization of all Soldiers, DA Civilians, volunteers and their families that provide support and assistance. A network of communication is also established between family members, the chain of command and the community of resources available.

What is the mission of an FRG?

The mission of the FRG is to act as an extension of the unit. The FRG assists the commander in passing official and accurate information to families. It is a network of support that ensures that families are resourced and self-reliant during periods of deployments. The FRG also supports the soldiers of the unit with various activities.

Who is eligible to participate an FRG?

Family members, volunteers, Soldiers and civilian employees belonging to a unit are eligible to participate in FRG activities. This may include parents and those significant to Soldiers.

Why should I join the FRG?

FRGs provide activities and support to Soldiers and families that enhance the flow of accurate and speedy information between members and the unit, provide practical tools for adjusting to military deployments and separations and enhance the well-being and esprit de corps within the unit, i.e., FRGs promote confidence, cohesion, commitment, and a sense of well-being among the unit’s Soldiers and families.

How does the FRG operate?

The FRG is run solely by volunteers; in conjunction with the Commander, Military Liaison and the Family Readiness Support Assistant. Volunteering for the FRG allows you to give back to the Families and community partners that have supported you in the past. An FRG volunteer is someone passionate about supporting others through the trials, tribulations, successes and triumphs of military life. The goal of an FRG volunteer is to create a community of camaraderie within the military “Family”.

How can I become a FRG Volunteer?
•Family Readiness Group Leader (FRGL)
• Assistant FRG Leader (AFRGL)
• FRG Treasurer
• FRG Secretary
• Key Callers

Informal positions within the FRG may include (but are not limited to):
• Welcome/Hospitality Committee
• Newsletter Editor
• Child Activity Coordinator
• Refreshment Organizer
• Photographer
• And many, many more!

No matter the amount of time you have, large or small, there is always a position within the FRG volunteers for You!

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