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In the Idaho Army National Guard, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in your community and around the state, nation and world while earning great benefits at the same time.

No matter your goals, the Idaho Army National Guard can help you get there. We offer real-world job training; multiple ways to pay for college; health insurance and retirement plans; and much more. You’ll also make lifelong friends and earn a sense of pride that will remain with you the rest of your life.

Among the benefits you’ll find in the Idaho Army National Guard:

Monthly Paycheck
In the Idaho Army National Guard, you’ll earn a paycheck fir every day you work, whether it’s for two days of monthly drill, two weeks of annual training, or deployment at home or overseas. Click here to see how much you can expect to earn as a part-time member of the Idaho Army National Guard.

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)
Federal Tuition Assistance provides up to $250 per tuition semester hour and up to $4,000 for 16 semester hours a federal fiscal year.

State Education Assistance Program (SEAP)
SEAP provides up to $4,000 for tuition and registration fees for schools in Idaho.

GI Bill
The GI Bill provides education benefits directly to eligible students who serve in the armed services. There are several different types of GI Bills and eligibility requirements, but most benefits can be used to pay for college, a trade or apprenticeship program, or other professional licensing programs. Some benefits can be transferred to your spouse and children.

Student Loan Repayment
Some Soldiers are eligible for student load repayment plans. Ask your recruiter if you qualify.

Idaho Army National Guard Soldiers, and their families are eligible for healthcare coverage from TRICARE Reserve Select.

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