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Suicide Prevention

In the event of a critical emergency please call 911, 988 (the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline), or your local crisis center.

The Suicide Prevention Program has resources available to help those with thoughts of suicide, those who know others with thoughts of suicide, and those who want to help prevent suicide.

The Idaho Army National Guard is committed to preventing suicide among service members, their families, DoD civilians, and Veterans.

The majority of military suicide deaths involve a firearm. In addition, medications are the most common method of non-fatal suicide attempts. Storing medications and firearms safely every day is an effective way to help prevent suicide.

There are a number of tips for storing firearms and medications safely that can be easily implemented and will improve safety for ALL members of the family.

Safe firearms storage ideas include:

  • Securing firearms outside the home with a trusted friend, relative, or a storage facility.
  • Using a gunlock or safe if you chose to secure a firearm inside the home.
  • Storing firearms and ammunition separately.
  • Keeping your firearm locking keys secure by using a combo lock box or in a separate safe.

Safe medication storage ideas include:

  • Storing all medications under lock and key in a medications storage container.
  • Discarding outdated or no longer needed medications.
  • Keeping only small quantities of alcohol in the home.
  • Not keeping lethal doses of medication on hand.

We encourage you to think about how you can #BeThere for our military community who may be at risk for suicide by implementing these simple, life-saving actions.

Suicide Intervention Officer Page


Suicide Prevention Coordinator (Contractor): 

Anna Murrin
Office: 208-272-8522

Risk Reduction Coordinator (Contractor): 

Ashley Green
Office: 208-272-8398

IDANG R3SP Coordinator: 

Robert Smith
Office: 208-272-2228

24/7 Behavioral Health Assistance: (208) 272-TALK (8255)

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